India is one the fastest growing country, and undoubtedly the journey of being great from good has not been easy. There are several sacrifices the citizens of this country have made from time to time. The country has recently set up a great example of unity in the time of demonetization, and the suffering did not end with the demonetization. The Indian government continuously is taking tough decisions to defeat black money and corruption in the country.

Leading banks in India, e.g., HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India have announced that there will be charges on Cash Deposit and Withdrawl transaction after four free transactions in a month. HDFC and ICICI sources said the fees would apply to transactions outside of home branches. Both banks define home branch differently; HDFC defines it as the branch where an account was opened while ICICI defines it as any branch within the city of the account. I would like to call this “A Strict Move” against cash transactions as people tend to have cash in their pocket even after the pivotal movement of demonetization.


Are we ready for Cashless India?

Digital Payments

Nowadays, we usually see people around us talking about different apps, mobile phones, PayTm, Digital payments, etc. That means we are eventually becoming techno-friendly and most of our us have smartphones and access to the internet. The Dream of Cashless India comes alive with technology only. We should accept this that we all have sufficient resources to make this mission possible. Revoking the cash transactions only does not complete the mission but using the digital payments takes the way forward. I think we should not mind these cash transaction charges if all are set to adapt the way transactions.

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Challenges in the way.

  • Education: This might seem easy to the generation Y to use the mobile apps but could be a hurdle for all people living in villages with no education and the senior people in our society might feel uncomfortable and unsafe using the digital payment modes as there are many fraudulent activities taking place every day.
  • Awareness: Being educated is not only the cap which you have to wear to make digital transactions but you will have to be aware of all things about online payments, NEFT, RTGS, Cards Numbers, Passwords and you to need to keep your information safe to avoid any fraudulent activity with you online.
  • Resources: Digital transactions are not possible without the help of technology. One should have at least mobile phone to make transactions and stay updated on debits and credits happening in the card statement or bank statement.


The country may face all above challenges in the middle of its way to the Digital India and Cashless India. All we need to do is to get up and join our hands in the significant movement. Let us take everyone together. Let us educate more people. Let us spread awareness and Let us spread Happiness 🙂

Jai Hind

HiTech Villager




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