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Are you running short of storage in your smartphone? Do you face that irritating low storage error very usual? And if you use any free cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud & One Drive for backing up your data then you must be sick of limitations in cap of free storage in all these clouds. You have to pay for cloud storage if you want to increase the cloud storage.

Below is the list of top free cloud apps & their free storage limit:

  • Amazon Cloud Drive – 5 GB (Free unlimited photo storage for Amazon prime customers.
  • Dropbox – 2 GB for basic accounts.
  • Microsoft One Drive – 5 GB Free storage
  • I Drive – 50 GB Free
  • pCloud – 2 GB Free storage
  • Google Drive – 15 GB free
  • A Drive – 50 GB Free cloud
  • Copy – 15 GB free drive
  • Cubby – 5 GB Free
  • Spider Oak – 2 GB Free

All above cloud storages are free with limited storage. But how it would be if I tell you a drive app where you can get cloud storage of 115 GB for free even without paying a single penny. Yes, what you read is just correct.

So let me just make you aware of The Local Guide Program by Google in which you can win not only the free storage but many other freebies from google like an opportunity to join google community and events and also testing of google online products before launching.

You don’t have to do big formalities to join this program.Below are the simple steps to join The Google Local guide program:

  • Sign in to Google Maps with your Google account and go to “Your Contributions” under app menu.
  • Create a Google Account (Sign up for
  • Download Google Maps App on your smartphone.
  • See your known places and click on them to give your rating and review about the place. You can also add a missing place or edit on Google Maps app.

Once you start posting your reviews and edits, Google will give you points for each review, rating, and an addition of places and when you will cross 200 points, you will reach the level 4 where you can claim 100 GB free cloud storage on google drive. In addition to this, you will also get a badge on your profile pic of verified google local guide. Wherever you will post your review on google maps your profile picture will be shown with the google local guide badge as my below picture:


So don’t miss the opportunity to earn free 100 GB additional storage on your google drive app by making your small contribution on google maps app in your smartphone. Giving reviews is also good for others who may get benefited by reading your precious reviews.

For more detail about the google local guide program you may click on below link to read the entire process:


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