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Whenever someone asks me to suggest a new smartphone. There always has been a battle between my two thoughts. One says iOS wins but where another claims the victory of Android. So today I could not resist myself to write an article on this brainstormer of every smartphone lover.


There have been many comparisons published on various blogs and tech websites on this topic which advocates different system at times. In fact, both the OS have their pros and cons. Both have their speciality to be the best depending on the interest of the user.  Let us have a quick look at the benefits and disadvantages.

Why iOS?

Apple is always known for its stability and vast improvement in quality. Well, iOS is also one of Apple’s biggest execution. It runs smoothly on all iPhones and iPads. Below are some big plus using the iOS device:

  • Stability -iOS is more stable when it is compared with Android.
  • Battery Performance – iOS does not engulf the battery like Android. iPhone 6 1810 mAh battery lasts more than any android device having 3000 mAh on the same usage of calling and internet surfing.
  • Security – iOS uses advanced security features which might be helpful to maintain your privacy.
  • Software Update – Apple gives the software update to each iPhone even the first iPhone also can be updated to latest iOS 10 where this is not the case with Android. Most of the Android devices are limited to a particular update.
  • Fingerprint unlock to E-wallets –  iOS has been fortunate to add fingerprint unlock security feature to E-wallets like Paytm, Airtel Payment Bank and other E-wallets and internet banking apps where Android is still in progress to implement this feature.
  • iMassage – iMassage is an advantage to an iPhone user if both send and receiver use iMassage there are no charges for SMS.
  • Siri – The voice assistance Siri is a fantastic feature. It recognises the voice even with background noise and response like a high-quality robot.

Something about iOS you might not like.

  • Short of Storage – Most of the users of iPhones are sick of short of storage. It does not support any SD card slot. You will have to manage with its internal storage only.
  • Premium Price – The Price of iPhone is always premium where there are multiple options available for Android.
  • Data Transfer – It is not easy to move data from iOS to other devices unless you have iTunes.
  • App Data – iOS does not allow users to clean its data in case you need to clean, You will have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  • No Third Party Apps – Apple keeps the control over iPhone apps and only allows apps downloaded from App Store only unless jailbreak (it’s like rooting your phone in android).
  • Single Sim Card – iPhone is restricted to use only one sim card.


Why Android?

Android is the OS developed by Google, and it is one of the popular smartphone OS in the world. Most of the smartphone manufacturers use Android as their OS. Let’s discuss below how its users love Android.

  • Easy Interface – User interface for Android is very easy. New user finds the Android easy and straightforward to use.
  • Data Transfer – You can easily transfer your data from Android device to your computer system or any another device.
  • Storage – Most of the Android devices support SD card slot where you can increase the storage for your photos, videos and other files.
  • Customizable – Android OS is fully customisable. There are many custom ROMs based on stock Android.
  • Widgets: There are many widgets available to customise your home screen and shortcuts.
  • Third Party Apps: You can allow third party apps in settings and install, unlike iOS.
  • Google Apps Support: Since Google develops Android, it gets many apps inbuilt like Play Store, Google Maps, Google Movies, Assistant, Google Drive, Gmail.
  • Aggressive Prices: Price of Android devices are not very premium unlike iOS except newly launched Google Pixel, There is a range of price options available depending on quality.

Something about iOS you might not like.

  • Not Stable: Android works fine when the device is new, but as long as it gets older users face instability in battery life and speed of smartphone.
  • Poor Ram Management: Most of the Android devices face the issue of ram management. Even the devices with 3GB of Ram might crash the running apps.
  • Battery Performance – Battery management is not okay on Android devices. It runs many apps in the background unless you manage.
  • Advertisement in Free Apps – Androit may allow third-party apps to be installed which might show you unwanted apps and pop-ups which are not safe for any device.
  • Malware/Virus Attack – Android is not considered safe when compared to iOS concerning security. It is easy for hackers to target Android phones.

So this was the study which I hope makes clear about the difference between both the operating systems. It depends on the user’s interests. Both the OS are good as per the priorities of the user. I hope you guys like the article. Please feel free to write your comments below and share the posts.

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