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What’s New in Status Update Feature by WhatsApp?

You must have experienced WhatsApp’s new status feature which lets users upload image or video as their current status instead of typing plain text. This image can be in a simple .jpeg or .png format or we can even use the new concept of GIF image animation as your WhatsApp profile status. This feature of WhatsApp is entirely inspired from Snapchat.

WhatsApp new feature

The new feature is live on Android, iOS and Windows smartphone across the world. WhatsApp has pushed it as OTA update means you do not have to update your WhatsApp in Google Play Store or App Store. This status works like stories on Snapchat and Instagram. WhatsApp has also added new dedicated tabs for camera and status in new WhatsApp version of iOS.

WhatApp now allows users to control Who can see the status update as well. The app will even show you who has viewed your status at what time. You can also reply to someone’s status or send your comments.

Negative Feedback of the all new feature 🙁

Some people loved this cool feature, but most of WhatsApp users got panic of this update from WhatsApp where no one can see the written text status and the status image uploaded expires in just 24 hours. WhatsApp even received many negative feedbacks after rolling out the new update of status. The company has been panned by users to copying Snapchat and Instagram and removing the old WhatsApp ‘Status.’

Company Plans to bring back its old text feature with revised feature of “Tagline.”

Keeping the customers’ feedback in mind, The company is now planning to bring back its old status feature with new name feature called “Tagline” and the new feature of Video and Image status will remain as same and another interesting thing is that WhatsApp is also planning to introduce its new feature “Unsend” with the help of which you will be able to recall your sent messages.

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